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Satisfied English bulldog puppy and French bulldog puppy owners

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Colbert at 3 mths- French bulldog puppy

She has been great! Her name is Ellbe. I know it is strange but it caught on. It was stressful at first but she has learned so fast and has a great personality. She is healthy she has done well with other dogs. I could not ask for more. I appreciate everything. I will attach a recent picture because I have so many!!

Kate- a gorgeous French bulldog puppy



Blaise- an adorable french bulldog puppy


Lovable Georgia- a French bulldog puppy

Mort has been great...he's been my companion through the divorce and the move.


He's back in Kansas!  Moved back to my hometown...was really, really tired of West Coast.


I've attached some photos of him.  He has almost zero fat, runs like the wind, plays with a golden retriever, hunts rabbits and frogs, loves to be chased around the house/wrestle and of course is a true beggar.  

My parents are obsessed with him





Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Love, Parker (and Mom, Jessy)







English bulldog puppy- Sophie

Shane and I have had Sophie for five months and she has been a blessing. She lights up our day, she is a terror and keeps us on our toes at all times. Sophie is a very energetic bulldog she loves kids and other dogs, although most don't like her. Sophie is well known around our community she goes to every event with us and almost everyone has to stop and pet her, she does love the attention though. Sophie has been the easiest puppy we have ever had to train, she is a smart dog and learns fast. Sophie is deffinatly a chewer and anything and everything she can get her little mouth on she will, she loves to chew on her sticks and carries sticks that are much much bigger then she is! We love her very much and can't wait till we get our little boy!
Thank you so much Nicole!
Chelsea & Shane



Sophie- the working english bulldog puppy!

Sent at 14 mths of age



Lexi- an english bulldog puppy in her new home in NY

I meant to write you a long time ago, but things have been a little crazy. Alley - now Zama, after one of the girls my girlfriend tutored in Africa, is doing great. She is a very special dog. Still doesn't love the outdoors but she's starting to get a little more interested in her surroundings during walks. Anyway, thank you so much once again - we can't even remember life without her. 

An update on French bulldog puppy Zama sent at 22 months of age

Hi Nicole,

Zama (alley) is doing great - she is a wonderful dog, and she has been very healthy.  She weighs about 18 lbs and is still, as you predicted, pretty small.  She has a big brother now, a lab we rescued named Moose.  She gets along great with him, she loves people, never has any problems with other dogs, and has even become more affectionate since we got her.  She has the occasional naughty streak, she hates going outside in the rain or snow, but other than that, she is the perfect dog.  Thanks! Ben






Colbert at 2 1/2 years old

Meet "Colbert"
She is very important member of our family. Colbert is probably the sweetest dog we have ever had. She is a incredible hunter of our numerous Florida lizards, to the point that we have a scarcity now.
Her palate is discerning and she requires toppings on her meals. Most vegetables are welcomed, but her favorite is tomatoes. Unlike all we had heard about frenchies and their tolerance of the heat, Colbert is a great dog in this Florida heat and humidity. She loves to walk on the leash.

Thanks for your sending her to Florida for us to find.

Warmest Regards, Bill


Sent Day 2 of Blaise's arrival

We just got back from the vet. Our vet said that she was very impressed with how healthy he was--excellent breeding! Just wanted to let you know. Thanks again!

Sent Week 2 of her arrival

Blaise is doing very well. He has adjusted to our apartment nicely. We took him to the vet today for his booster shot and he weighed in at 5.8lbs--up from 5.4lbs last week. He warmed up to us almost immediately. Everyone loves him! His ears stood up today as well--very cute. I am attaching a picture of him in his bed. Thanks again! I will keep you updated on his progress. 

Sent at 3 months of age

Blaise is now 3 mos and he is quite the little bundle of personality! He has been growing like a weed, and he already weighs twice as much as he did when we first got him. He loves to be the center of attention and will make it known if he is not. He loves people and always gets excited when friends and family visit. We let him sleep in bed with us and he love's to sleep right in the middle of Lori's legs. We have been hearing non-stop compliments on how adorable he is. We cannot take him anywhere without causing a commotion! We love him so much and we are so happy to have him in our lives! He was the best first dog for the both of us! Thank you again!

Regards, Ben & Lori

Jesse and I thought it was important to write and give you an update on Mollie (now named GEORGIA). She is amazing and everything we hoped for! She has to be the most resilient and happy deaf puppy around. She’s a show stopper and everyone wants to take her home. She is very social with people and animals and has a feisty, sweet, commanding personality….not to mention she is soooo cute and beautiful!! She completed puppy classes and was the star pupil. She learned several sign language commands which has been very impressive. We are still working on potty training, but I can understand how it may be difficult for her. We want to thank you for sending us the most precious gift we could ever have. She is our little girl and has been a wonderful addition to our little family….maybe one day she will need a little sister or brother  Best, Lindsey

Mort- the snoozing French bulldog


Sent Week 1 after Sadie's arrival- she is a beautiful brindle pied french bulldog puppy

Here are some pics.  She is growing like a weed.  
Have a great day :)
Sent at over 2 years of age

She is doing great!  She had a litter of puppies Monday June 14, 1 male and 3 females.  We really weren't expecting any....she bred with our Polar white french male in April. She has a good personality and is good natured.
In looking for pictures of Sadie, i found just a few of her by herself.  Lots of them with are with the family and i figured if you were going to use them on your sight, you would want ones of just her.
Good to hear from you! Von




I am sorry I have not sent any pictures of Bolivia, now named Lexi looking sexy.  She has been great and is learning a lot.  This pic was her first day home.  Thank you very much for her; I couldn't imagine living without her.  Thanks Efrain


French bulldog puppy- Zama all dressed up!

Sorry it has taken us so long to write you you can imagine Scarlet is keeping us very busy and extremely happy. We can't thank you enough for this amazing puppy! Your professionalism and willingness to answer any and all of our questions made this process a delight. Scarlet seemed to have a good flight to NJ and we fell in love with her the moment we saw her in the crate for the first time...and then again, and again, every moment after. Our vet says she is in great health and we couldn't be happier. She is very sociable and whenever she is out with us she stops traffic. She sticks her tongue out when she is sleepy and it is absolutely adorable. She is truly the light in our lives. 

Thank you so much for everything!
Kari and Mustafa

French bulldog puppy Scarlet snuggling at her new home!

Update on Argentina an english bulldog puppy loving her new home

Hi Nicole,

She is eating very well!! And I took Argentina to the vet yesterday, and they said she was very health. I feed her 4 times a day, and everything is fine. She loves to play with people and sleep on the couch in the living room. I also planning to send her to pet kindergarten in few weeks. I hope she will enjoy at the kindergarten. She is really adorable, and she loves people. she became a super star in my APT.




Bella, a french bulldog puppy, enjoying her wonderful new parents!


I changed her name to Bella Mimi Koon.The name really fits her personality as she is the bell of the ball everywhere we travel. We've been on the train and bus and people take pics with their cell phones, one woman chased me in the grocery store just to pet her :) The local pet store has been very helpful and she's starting to use her wee wee pads!! I find she's very smart and loves human contact and play time. Nicole, thank you for all the help, information and extremely professional packaging with her records. She arrived a little nervous but quickly warmed up as soon as we made contact.

Thanks again Nicole,



Satisfied French bulldog puppy buyer


(Puppy Arrival) Puppy arrived well. He sure is a fine puppy. Thank you very much.

(Month After) I took the puppy to the vet.yesterday to have him check out and get his parvo shot. The vet. just happen to own a Frenchie himself. He told me that the puppy come from a good bloodline and was a very good looking puppy. So on that note I just wanted to thank you very much again.


Roy's Puppy


Izzy, the english bulldog puppy, enjoying her 1st birthday!

Hi Nicole,

Izzy turned 1 yrs old. She tolerated the hat but loved the cake. She has been a great addition to our family. She is so cute, funny and smart. She has learned to open the back door to let herself back in. She is awesome. We just love her.

Thanks again,


Kyzer, the beloved english bulldog puppy, loves his car rides!

Dear Nicole,

Hello! Sorry it has taken so long to give you an update on the puppy you sold us. His name is Kyzer Henry. He is such a good puppy and has been growing like a weed since we picked him up. We make sure to spoil him every chance we get. He loves to lay on the couch all day long and watch TV. He even has his own spot on the couch. If you sit by him he will cuddle up with you and sleep all afternoon. He is very smart and already knows some commands. He is doing a good job with potty training. He is very social and loves to play with every dog he sees. The whole family loves him! He also loves to ride in the car. We take an hour trip every couple weeks to visit our families and he will sit in the back sit just looking around at everything the whole ride home. He is such beautiful dog with a well rounded personality and lots of love. We just want to say thank you for him he is a great addition to the family.


Chavis and Ciara





Hi Nicole,

Hope this email finds you and your family well. Lillie is doing great she is all potty trained and will sit by the back door when she needs to go out. She bites on everything especially people LOL we are working on that. She is so happy loves following us around the house. She LOVES bath time and all her toys and bones. She had her surgery today she was spayed. She is doing good so far she has ate and drank tonight and pottied so she should be back to normal running and playing by tomorrow. I have attached a couple pictures. She was weighed at the vet today before surgery and she weighed 29 lbs so she is doing good and growing fast.

Thanks again,

Mary and Josh

Another english bulldog puppy that went to a great home!

Hi Nicole,

Thought I would send you a couple of pictures of Bella. She is a blessing to our home. She is so full of energy, and then she naps for hours. I love her so much, in fact, I think she knows that and uses it to her advantage. Thanks again Nicole for everything. We registered her through the AKC and now have the pedigree, and love the names of her grandparents. Hope you guys are doing well.

The Murphy Family

Bella, doing what english bulldog puppies do best...sleeping!

Bella       Bella & Elvis


Hi Nicole,

I've attached some pictures of Bailey. She has been nothing but a joy! Her personality and disposition are phenomenal. She is the sweetest most lovable dog who just wants to be around people. She always brings laughs! But don't let that fool you, she is full of sass and will will let you know when she disapproves. (Which is also hilarious) We live in a local ski resort and she has acquired quite the local fan club. She has many local dog friends and is a regular around the ski patrol. However, she can't quite keep up with the snowmobiles. Lol, but she tries! She has adapted very well to the snow and gets around just fine. Also, on a fun note ... I'm sure you've seen pictures and video of the skateboarding bulldogs... Well Bailey is well on her way to becoming an adept snowboarding bulldog! I will send some pics when she perfects the art!!

Thank you so much for taking such great care of your puppies and providing exceptional companions for many of us dog lovers.



Who knew English bulldogs enjoyed the snow so much?

Hi Nicole,

We hope that you are doing well. We would just like to give you an update on Buster! Attached is a recent photo that we had taken of him. As you can tell, he has grown to become very handsome! He is doing extremely well, and has become quite the city dog now. It is hard to take him on walks without being stopped by people, he puts a smile on everyone's face. Thank you so very much for has brought a lot of love and laughter into our lives.

All the best,

Helen, Danny, and Buster


Buster, the french bulldog, just loves attention!


Lulu, the french bulldog, loves to dress up

Lulu in her mink!


Lulu comes to work everyday and
she is such a joy!


Lulu is a living doll….her little personality just makes you fall in love with her.  Larry said that when he gets home from work she gets so excited she has started doing this skealing sound.  This dog is just too precious…she is full of energy and when that energy stops, she absolutely flops down on her belly and will sleep anywhere.  Many times she will lay in the middle of the office on her belly and just sit and watch us.  She’s a licker too….she has to give kisses.  Personality is overflowing and we could not have ask for a better pet.  I know, she is really Larry’s, but we all claim her here in the office.

Izzy is doing well. She is such a ham. We’ve been trying to keep her warm when we take her out to go to the bathroom but she hates the sweater. She runs in circles and tries to run along walls or anything else to get it off. She is so good at night. She goes straight into her crate and sleeps thru the night without a peep and no accidents.

She’s almost potty trained but can be bit stubborn. She is also very brave. Learning to jump up and down onto our porch. She can’t quite reach the sofa yet…and she has so enraptured everyone that she meets. Thank you for such a beautiful dog!


As she turned 7 months yesterday, she is 100% house trained.  She actually waits by the door or paces to let us know that it’s time.  She is so mellow and wonderful with all kids..large and small. She doesn’t nip or bite and is so incredibly patient.  She has always slept through the night in her crate and now will just walk inside and stay inside until we get her in the morning even without the door being locked.  Her best friend is a Tibetan Terrier across the street by the name of Maeve. They have played together so well since she was about 3 months old and she goes straight over and even recognizes her name when we ask her if she wants to visit Maeve.  Her favorite type of dog is a big dog.  The little ones don’t want to play and she’s not interested. She doesn’t even mind having her entire head inside of a chocolate lab’s mouth. She is extremely social. 

She is hilarious in the fact that she adores my husband and even licks his bald head when he is sitting on the coach. She loves to go and get coffee with him in the morning and sometimes we let her off the leash…actually, she just loves to go out and be with people and other dogs.  Actually, she loves the vet and the vet loves to have her visit. 

She is a quick learner and at about 3 months could sit and “high five” for a treat.  My oldest son taught her how to jump for a treat.  She has added so much to our family.  We love her to death.  My boys love her so much and she’s great with them.  What else can I say?  Her temperament is so gentle but she’s also a clown. She loves to steal our flip flops especially if we’ve left her home a little too long. She typically goes everywhere with us except when it’s too hot.   

The only “downside” if that’s what you can call is…is that she is such a CHOW HOUND! She will eat anything!  She loves carrots, bananas and apples, yogurt, etc.  We only give her small treats here and there.  But anything for food.  The other is because she is black and white, she gets mistaken for a Boston Terrier by those who don’t know what a Frenchie is. This tends to drive us crazy.   She is also a digger.  She loves to dig holes in our backyard. We blame this on her best friend, Maeve who is a digger…I told you that she’s a fast learner! 

Nicole, thank you so much for Izzy.  She has been the perfect dog for our family and we love her so much! -Linda



Izzy, the french bulldog, is the perfect dog!



As you can probably imagine, I could go on and on forever about how wonderful Brutus is! We want to thank you for breeding such a wonderful puppy and for allowing us to bring him into our lives.Take care,
Jill and Jon


Brutus, the french bulldog puppy, stops traffic with his cute looks!

Jon and I just wanted to let you know that Brutus is doing wonderfully. I can't believe we've only had him for a couple of months -- I can't imagine not having him around! :) Since the day we brought him home, Brutus has literally been stopping traffic. People will actually drive up, park and get out of their cars just to see him! He is by far the cutest puppy that I have ever seen. I know I sound biased, but everyone at our vet's office actually agrees! Everyone who meets Brutus falls in love, and Jon and I are no exception.

Brutus loves to play, but he loves to cuddle even more. He can't jump up on the sofa yet (actually I think he can, because he's done it a couple times, but I think he'd just prefer us to pick him up!) so when he wants to sit on our laps (which is very often) he comes over and puts his front paws up on the sofa. He gets VERY unhappy if we ignore him! He loves to lay on my legs with his head on my stomach, but when he sits with Jon he actually sits right under his neck - and loves to touch his face with his own! It's the cutest thing!

We still can't believe what a good puppy Brutus is. He is not even 6 months old, but he hasn't had an accident in the house in about 3 months! He was reasonably easy to crate train, and he is getting better every day at walking on a leash. He still loves to stick his tongue out, just like he did the day I picked him up. Sometimes it's just a little bit out, but other times he'll be sleeping and it will be hanging all the way out -- It's hysterical!

Brutus is also amazing with kids. We don't have any of our own yet, but we have introduced him to many of our friends' children, and he loves to play with them and is so gentle.


Brooke is doing great, she is the best dog I have had so far as she is so smart and loves me so much that she will not let me out of her sight.
I don't think you could breed a better english bull dog then Brooke.


Brooke, the english bulldog puppy, is very devoted and loving!

Brook is doing great, she loves her new home and all her friends....she loves her nightly walk in the park. She listens very a matter a fact she acts as if she has already had some training.
She will not let me out of her site...when I go to take a shower she wants to be in there with me.
She is spoiled already I have to say, as she pretty much takes over my wifes side of the bed. We have to remove the stairs we built for her as sometimes she just wants to stay in the bed all day rather then go to the bath room and eat.
I get a kick about the way she wants to play when she wants too...but boy when she wants to sleep and we want to play she gets mad. but all in all we are very happy with Brook...she is perfect in so many ways.....I love her so much.
Thank you so much for bring her into our lives.

Here is Lucy Buffalo... She is now 7 months old and the love of my life ( next to my wife and kids). I got a very nice compliment from a professional dog trainer..
She said "Lucy is the Marilyn Monroe of frenchies.... Thank you for such a great dog.
Best ! Webb



Lucy "Water" Buffalo is now 16 months old. She has been an amazing girl and has only been to the vet for normal shots. She is a huge part of our family and goes to work with me most days. Thank You for an amazing dog..


French bulldog, Lucy, is healthy and happy in her forever home!

Here's Rudy! He likes to sleep alot. He gets tired after a full day of annoying Mandy and getting his ears bitten. He is doing much better on his potty training too. He is also eating like a little piggy :) we love our little Rudy!


The english bulldog puppy, Rudy, is well cared for in his new home!


Sent at 6 mths of age: How are you? I hope well. Finnegan (sorry, I changed his name) is doing very well. He is very attached to me. Very funny. So many people have called him the cutest dog they’ve ever seen. His temperament is wonderful. He loves all dogs and all people. He’s been a great comfort to me.

Sent at 9 mths of age: Just letting you know that Broozer is still quite a character.  Very protective of me.  It’s funny actually.  He sleeps with his head on my pillow.  He’s trying very hard to win me over and he’s doing a good job.  He makes me laugh and I need that so much as I’m still very sad about the sudden loss of Beau, in shock really.  Finn (Broozer) tries to make it all better.

Sent at 17 mths of age: I’m so sorry it’s taken me so long to get back to you.  I’ve  attached several pictures of  Finnegan.  I’m sure you can see from these photos how much he is loved. As far as his disposition.  He is quite timid around strangers.  As you said in one of your earliest e-mails, it takes him some time, not much, to get comfortable with people.   Which is a good thing.  Generally, he’s a very lovable, happy boy.  He loves children and is very gentle.  He very much likes others dogs.  Loves to play with other dogs.  He is a good soul.  I love him dearly. I take him to day care on occasion and he likes it quite a lot.  He usually is anxiously awaiting  my arrival to take him home.  At home, he has several toys and loves every one.  His favorite is a brown stuffed reindeer which he got for Christmas.  I bought him a beautiful mahogany crate which he stays in while I’m out.  I’m still not comfortable giving him run of the house if I’ll  be gone for more than 3 hours.  I’m afraid he’ll get into something and hurt himself….better safe than sorry.


Finnegan has been a Joy to me.  I am so very attached to him.  He’s loved by all my family and friends and has a very nice life here in NJ.  As you know, I lost Beau, my English Bulldog, very suddenly last year, on  a w/e that I was visiting my parents in FL.  I wasn’t even gone 36 hours and he passed.  Perfectly fine when I left so it came as a shock to me.  Finnegan has helped me learn to love again.  He has helped heal my soul.  I love him dearly.

Thanks to you he has the wonderful personality that he has.  I owe you a big Thank You.

Finnegan, the english bulldog, brings such joy to her life!


I just wanted to give you one last up date on Liza. She has lost about ten pounds and looks great. She is now jumping up on the couch. It took me a while to get her to do that. I have started out walking her 10 blocks a day and she is now ready to go for however long you are.

Liza has made best friends with the other dogs and is very watchful of them. She knows what they are doing at all times. It's funny cause at night she gets up and she will take a walk around the house and go in each room and make sure everything is okay. That happens about three times at night.

My lord she is a swimmer. We go to the lake every weekend and sometimes more. I bought her a life jacket so she can swim her heart out and she does. If anyone goes in she follows. Liza goes with us when we are in the boat and jumps off the boat. All around I think she is doing awesome. Well I think that's about
it. Laci

Liza, the english bulldog, is a great swimmer! Wow!


Here are some pics from the first couple of days with our Dozer.

Thanks Jodi


English bulldog puppy, Dozer, enjoying some attention!

I have never connected with a dog the way I connected with him. I'm sending you a few photo's of him.

Thank you Teresa



English bulldog puppies love to chew!




Hi Nicole,
Tabitha or Tabbi for short is doing great. She loves to run and play with our other dogs. On the 2nd day here she learned to climb the stairs and this past Saturday she finally got the courage to come down by herself. She gets mad and barks when she can't do all the things her big sisters can do. It took our other frenchie 2-3 months to accomplish the stairs. She recently went for her shots and weighed in just under 6 pounds and is starting to get her Frenchie figure. She is well loved by the other dogs and we can't help but to spoil her. I will send you a few pictures from my phone and will download the ones of her playing outside as well as a video clip and send to you.
Again, thank you for such a sweet little thing. We love her so much. Please feel free to use us as a reference. We would be more than happy to recommend you to others !

Tabitha at 1 year!
Hi Nicole,

I just wanted to take a moment to send you a few pictures of Tabitha ( SweatPea) and let you know that she is doing well. She has grown into a beautiful Frenchie and we love her so much! She loves to be the center of attention, following me around and crying at my feet until she gets her way. She is on my lap now as I'm trying to type you this message.

Thank you again for letting us be her forever home!




Tabitha, the French bulldog, has them wrapped around her finger!




Boo is doing fantastic!!! We couldn`t be happier!! She is sooo cute I can`t stop squishing and kissing her!! She is quite a character.... I bet she was the queen of the litter.... heheeheheh... she wants her way and when I say no I ether have to say it 20 times or she`ll take off running around the house like a crazy bunny.... hahahahaha... I can never get mad at her!!! She has grown quite a bit since we got her!! She was 4 lbs when she arrived and now she is about 9lbs!!

Potty training is great, she is very smart too!! We use those wee-wee pads and 95% of the times she goes on it!! We`ve put one in each room in the house so she can always find one if she needs! So it`s been great because she can stay with us running around the house all the time now and she is not even 3 months old!! Like I said, she is very smart! Everybody at the vet clinic thinks she is the cutest thing they had ever seen and I have to agree with them!!

I hope everything is well and hope that all her brothers and sisters found a very good home! You can rest assured that she is in a very loving and safe home. She brought a lot of joy and we are looking forward to many wonderful years to come with this precious little thing!
We`ll keep in touch!
Thank for everything,
Flavia, Alan and Boo.

Boo, the french bulldog puppy, is so smart and loves her new home!


He is great! He’s very happy and playful, and warming up to strangers and new dogs quite well. He’s doing better with potty training, although he does still have a few accidents. He looks healthy and loves to go outside and run around, especially under the shrubs where I can’t get to him.

I’m very happy with him!


French bulldog puppies just love to play and get attention!


Handsome has been renamed Cameron.

Cameron is doing great. His potty training is actually going quite well. We have a back yard so we can take him out there quite often and I take him to my office every day so he gets lots of attention there too. We love him and he gets along wonderfully with our other dog. He is a great dog. We love him and he has made a perfect edition to our family

Cameron, the french bulldog, is very loved in his new home!

Hi Nicole,
Just to let you know that Sebastien is still the healthiest, sweetest most endearing little guy. He went for his one year check up in June and passed with flying colors. He weighs 25.4 pounds which is a perfect weight and is still as active and athletic as ever. There is something so very endearing about the way he looks at me and still follows me from room to room. On some days when I am determined to tidy EVERYTHING in the house and I’m running upstairs, downstairs, in and out of the garage----poor Sebastien lifts his sleepy head up and drags his little bod to whatever room I’m in----over and over again. “Are you finally going to stay put Mom? I’m tired an’ I wanna sleep!”

Take care and thanks a thousand times for my sweet little Sebastien!

Nicole, Sebastien is doing just great. His weight must be up to 8 pounds (guessing). He goes back to the vet for a booster on July 15th. I drove my son back to Toronto yesterday (he had been here visiting for a few days) and we took Sebastien with us as he is too young to be left alone for the 7 hours that the other dogs would be. He slept most of the way on my lap, went potty at all of our rest stops, was a good boy.

Sebastien fits with each and every one of our other three dogs, he naps in the morning and afternoon, and is “kind of” getting the hang of going potty outside. He gives wonderful kisses and is just such a happy little guy.


I don’t think it is possible to love Sebastien any more than I already do. He is such a good little guy. I took him to Petsmart yesterday and normally he tugs at the leash and jumps on everyone who comes by to pet him. Instead he sat expectantly whenever a person came over thinking he would get a treat. That little bum just went plop to the floor. His little paw waved away hoping someone would “Shake a paw”. He trotted beside me with the shopping cart as good as gold.
All the best, Lise

French bulldogs make such wonderful pets!

It has been a while, but just to let you know that all is well with our goofy, sensitive and sweet Sebastien.  He is 4 1//2 now and is the sweetest and most loyal little guy.  The rest of our gang---Louis, Isabella and our newest girl, Micheline (she will be 2 years old in November) are healthy as can be and I love each and every one of them for their distinctive personalities and the laughter they bring every day.   Lise

First of all I wanted to send you pictures of Charlie who is now 18 months old!  I can't tell you how much joy he has brought into my life and so many others.  Every day I take him for a walk and someone comments on what an amazing dog he is.  He is so good natured and so funny!  

Thanks- Hope all is well - Heather

French bulldog puppy, Charlie, is such a joy!

Flash, the french bulldog, is quite the card player!

Hi Nicole – Flash (“dagwood”) is doing great! We took him to the vet yesterday and she said he was in excellent health. Attached is a recent pic we took of him – so cute! Thanks for everything!

Sorry for the delay, life has been busy.  Flash (dagwood) is doing great!  He had his 2-year old birthday last month.  He’s still cuter than ever, but still full of piss and vinegar.  No serious health problems but he has allergies.  I recommend anyone looking to get a frenchie to your site.  I’ve attached a recent picture of him here playing cards :-)

Take care, Summer

Lily, the french bulldog, is an absolute dream!

Sorry for getting back to you so late but i've just been sooo happy playing with her and getting her comfortable here. I took her to the vet and everything is perfect with her, they all loved her at the vets office. she was a little scared coming off the plane but once she was home and realized she was safe she started acting like a little playful piglet. I just cant get over how much I love her and how cute she is. Of couse EVERYONE wants to hold her and babysit her! I just want to thank you so much for letting me have this angel in my life. she is so awesome and I cant wait to get her a little sister next year! i've signed the health contract paper and its in the mail. Thanks Laura

Sent 9 mths later: I have soo many pictures and stories I don't know where to begin! Lili has been an absolute dream come true for me. She is everything a Frenchie should be... Loving, loyal and a total CLOWN. She makes me laugh all the time with the crazy expressions and goofy positions she sits in. She is the best part of my day. Lili is also very smart, she knows a bunch of tricks including ringing a bell at the front door when she needs to pee. This last March she was in her 2nd fashion show! We have a local pet boutique that hosts a doggie fashion show every year, I will try to find some pictures of that for you. We go to the dog park whenever we can because she loves all people and dogs! She even has a boyfriend on our street whom she plays with everyday and they're the same age so they have been growing up together.Lili weighs about 21.4 lbs which is on the petite side but the vet said that is fine. We feed her an all organic dry dog food which she loves and she gets lots of excecise! I'm very interested in getting her a sister soon but since im getting married this year i dont have enough time to dedicate to a puppy right now but sometime in the near future! If you need any other info please feel free to ask. I will try to send a few more pictures! Have a great day & good luck!

Hello. Just wanted to update you. We took him to the vet yesterday and everything went well. We are very happy and just wanted to thank you again. Hopefully more pictures will be on the way shortly.

Thanks! Lauren

English bulldog puppies love children!

I thought you might like to see some pictures of Bruno in his new home. He is so adorable!

Hi Nicole,

I wanted give you a quick update on Bruno (prior name Spots), because we could not be happier with him. Bruno is just about 1 year and 2 months old. He makes us smile everyday and he is the happiest puppy EVER. He is gentle and sweet and loooves to cuddle. Thank you so much, we do not know what we would do without him! Lauren & Gene

French bulldog puppies love to cuddle!

Thanks soo much for our bulldog. Our journey started out on the way to a gas station in Wamego, KS to meet with you, Nicole, and boy "Dub" has been such a blessing and a handful but I wouldn't trade my little guy for anything in the world. Dub is almost a year old now and he has changed very much other than size in his puppy like behavior. He is a very funny dog and always has soooo much energy and it makes for such a wonderful time playing frizbee or fetch or Dub just running into things. Dub is truly a blessing in a dog body. Thanks for letting us purchase him from you and we can't wait to get other one but it will have to be after the baby is born. Thanks Spring Valley Bulldogs!!!!
Shaun and Alexandra 


Dub, the english bulldog, loves to play frisbee!

 Thank you so much for bringing this little guy into my life. He is a perfect bundle of joy. It was a pleasure dealing with you. Couldn't have asked for more.

Each French bulldog puppy is so unique!


Thanks again for Beauty. I hope you don’t mind, but my children decided to rename her… Chloe

We are so happy with Chloe! She has been snuggling and getting acquainted with our home all day!!!

She is perfect!

Thanks farrell

Chloe, the french bulldog, loves her new home!

We love him.  He is very spunky.  So far he has been to a high school graduation, numerous parties, and flow back home to Tampa.
He had my whole family surrounding his every move.  Yesterday, was the 1st day back from daughter is spending an extra week in Minnesota and he was all alone when I went to work.  As I locked the door he started howling..and crying...he was so upset and I ended up being late.  In the future we will have to order a little sister for him.
He nuzzles in at night with me and I just love it.  Thank you for such a special little friend

Sent at 15 mths of age: Well, can you believe how much Cooper has grown.  Everybody loves him and he is quite the lover boy.  He fetches; he is a mightly lizard & frog hunter; and mostly loves to smell flowers.  He is such a delight and spoiled rotten.  His favorite toys are his talking monkey and a plastic bucket to push around.  He is beautiful. .

The french bulldog, Cooper, loves to smell the flowers!

Hi Nicole. I just wanted to thank you for Toby. He is so great. He gets along well with Emma and his cousins. He is the cutest little boy ever. Here are some pictures of him since we left you.



French bulldog puppies are such a joy!


Bon Bon as a puppy

Michael sent these of Bon Bon recently.

Hi Nicole,

It's good to hear from you. Enclosed are some photos we took for Garfield(we decided to rename him Bonbon. )

Bonbon is sooooo cute and very smart too. Potty training has been smooth, we use pads and 97% of the time Bonbon would go on it. We're just started teaching him potty on the lawn in our backyard since yesterday. He's doing great.

We got him a new bed yesterday, he enjoys it a lot.

Thank you for everything Nicole, you may rest assured that Bonbon(Garfield)has all our love and devotion. We will make sure he is loved and will do everything to keep him safe.

Please enjoy the pictures.
Thanks again.

Judy and Michael.

Hi Nicole,
Thank you so much for writing us. Bonbon is doing great, he's become a very big part of our lives ever since we have him. Bonbon is tender and sweet ,everyone who sees him falls in love with him. He's a precious little thing.
Thank you Nicole for breeding such wonderful dog.

We have recommended every single one of our friends and colleagues to your kennel and we will definitely check back to see your new puppies when we are getting one next year.

Bonbon is now 18 pounds (remember how small he was?) and he's in great health condition has just finished puppy pre school. We're very proud of him.
Judy and Michael

Everyone loves BonBon, the french bulldog puppy!

English bulldog puppies love ice cubes!

He is doing well and is potty trained, and listens pretty well.. he is very stubborn though :) His favorite toys are ice cubes! We love him, he's wonderful... thanks again!

Good morning Nicole,

All is well with Napoleon, his new name,
The moment he arrived, he was soo good,
My 5 year old was with me and they bonded straight away,
Later at home he was introduced to my other 2 boys,
He played and played, so cute,
He slept through the night without crying,
at 5.30 this morning he woke us up,
We took him outside and he went straight to the bathroom..
After that he was ready to play,
Now he is taking a nap,
We all fell in love with him,

Thank you so much Nicole,

We are very happy with Napoleon,



Napoleon, the french bulldog, is loved in his new home!

Hi Nicole,
Sorry I took awhile to get back to you with Juice's Picture. We've been pretty busy with our move to Hawaii. It looks like Juice is going to be a resident of Hawaii soon, but he'll be staying with friends until his Rabies vaccines are completed. He'll actually be with his brother, our friends you sold your other puppy to. Anyways thanks again for him. Good luck with your future litters and Happy Holidays to you and yours.

Sheena and Ryan

Dear Pultz Family,
Boddy is doing very well. He just went to the again on 12/12/09. He weighs 22.2 pounds. He is getting very big. He loves to play fight with our Choc. Lab (Molly). They have become the best of friends. They can play for hours. He has recently learned to jump onto the couch by himself. We were very impressed. Boddy loves to get into trouble.
When we put up the chrismass tree, he would show interest in sleeping under it. Every time we went to get the camera he would wake up. The next morning he decided to play with the tree and got a hold of it and came running to my wife has she intered the room. Needless to say he knocked down the tree. After the tree fell he barked at it (Like how dare you fall towards me). He loves to go into our youngest son's room and steal his stuffed aminals. He keeps us busy and intertained. We love him very much.
We got 16 inches of snow the other day and Boddy loves to play in it.
Hope your holidays are going well. I have attached some recent pic's of Boddy.

Boddy is well traveled. He has now gone on several trips with us (total of 12 states that Boddy has visited) he is still our pride and joy. He makes us laugh daily. He loves to be pampered (When we clip his nails and give him a bath, His favorite time is when we put powder on him. He stops drops and rolls onto his back and grunts). He has made friends with other dogs in the neighbor hood. Three days ago we met a couple and they had a Bulldog that is almost identical in color and markings. The couple has come over to our house and they play for hours with each other. We plan on stopping by their house which is around the corner. 
Boddy loves riding in the car. We take him to the Kids school and he flirts with all the teachers. They always want Boddy to come for visits. We have finally bought a house and informed the school that our children will not attend their old school as we are not in the same school district, they are very sad to see Boddy go (They are also sad to lose our children, but I am not sure if it's as much as them missing Boddy, Hahahaa).
We were just talking the other night with the couple that have same looking bulldog about how Bulldog owners are a tight nit group and it's a special club. One of things that we talked about is that we when are in public how often we are stopped and talk about our bulldogs. It takes 5 times as long to do an errand had we not have Boddy with us. 
Boddy is still the same dog. We loves to sleep and eat. He is pretty much a bed hopper. He sleeps with my wife and I. He is very persistent about getting fed at 5:30 am (Even on Saturday and Sunday morning). Once I am up it's hard for me to go back to sleep. So I will do choirs around the house while waiting for the kids to get up. I will notice that Boddy has moved and I find him in our older son's room sleeping on the bed with him, then an hour later he has moved to our younger son's bed to take another nap (our younger son is a 10 plus hour an night sleeper, I do not know how he can sleep so long). 
Boddy has the best personality, very interested in everything that nature has to offer. When we went back home to Maryland we went to Ocean City, Maryland and Boddy surprised us by just walking into water. He then made a friend and played in the water. One moved he employed was to submerge his whole body into the water leaving out his nose and eye's only. When the other dog walked by he could not find Boddy and then Boddy springs out and knocks down the Australian Shepherded. It's probably the most comical thing I have seen to date with Boddy (he kinda looked like a Hippo in the water waiting for it's pray). My wife has been wanting a female Bulldog and I think with us building our house we may have to look into this once everything is done. My wife states all the time that she allowed me to get Boddy because I have wanted him for over 10 years now, but she has just fallen in love with him and the bread. I have now been collect anything Bulldog.  
Boddy has not had any health issues except for the Cherry Eye. He is just the best dog ever. I love this dog so much.
Always  Benjamin and Dawn 

I have attached some pictures of Penny Bell and Boddy. Penny Bell has been doing great. She is very different then Boddy, but in a good way. Penny Bell weighs around the 23 pound range and can now jump onto the couch by herself just like Boddy, but at least he will get off when you tell him to. Penny Bell just looks at you like you have lost your mind.  The entire neighbor hood knows us as the English Bulldog house.


Boddy and Penny are doing well. 
Boddy almost had a chance to add 4 additional states that he has been to with Dawn and myself.
Penny has been keeping up with her usual routine which is to destroy everything she sees. We try to have her sleep in our room with us at night, but she gets up and walks and paces and then claws at the door to be let out. We allowed her to sleep in the bed with us, but she still wants to leave. 
Her favorite place is the garage (all kinds of things she can get to and chew and destroy) I guess it keeps her occupied. She has been doing much better. She just likes to bring down the patio furniture pillows and then sleep or lean up against them. 
Penny really loves Dawn and the kids. Penny will come over and smell me, then stair at me then leave to find Dawn or the boys. The other night she was sleeping on Dawns lap and woke up and walked across the couch and then dropped in my lap. Boddy looks up as he was sleeping in front of the fire place on the floor and comes to the couch and jumps on my legs and then bull dozes Penny over off of me. Penny was not having it and then attacks Boddy, and he had no plans on leaving his spot so he just layed there while Penny bit him and tugged on his ears. Really funny. Penny does not like when you mess with her sleep schedule. 
Boddy is Boddy. He is my good buddy. He follows me all over the house, yard and community. His spot is the one next to where I sit on the couch. His new thing is to sit in front of the storm door and sunbath. He will then get hot and pant, but he will still just lay there and after the while the panting gets louder and then the slober follows, but Boddy will not move from the sunny spot in front of the storm door. He will every so often open 1 eye and look out the door and snuff at the cars passin by. Very strange, but I get a good laugh out of it. 

Hi, Nicole
Just keeping you up to date on casper, he is now 6 months old and he is doing great, he was easy to potty train, he loves playing with our other dogs and he really loves playing with our grandson to.We took casper down to our Auction and every one loved him Here is some recent pictures of casper You have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
p.s almost forgot to tell you about mia the english female bull dog my daughter bought she is doing good my daughter really loves her and she was easy to potty train.
Ed and Helen Gauger


Hello Nicole,
I keep the first photo we got of Porter (the one that was on your website) as my screen saver. Ever now and then I check out your website to see all your beautiful new babies. Today, however, I thought I would shoot you an e-mail as something new and exciting is developing in Porter's world- He's about half finished with his beginning agility classes! I don't know if you've ever had a puppy do this as I haven't ever seen a frenchie compete, but he's going to kick some serious butt! He's has so much fun running around and he's so FAST! I'll send you some agility photos as soon as I get a couple!
Thanks again, we are so in love with our handsome little man. He's the sweetest boy we've ever seen and everyone thinks he's the cutest pup ever! Tonya

Winston (aka Beech) has been a wonderful addition to our family.  He and our Goldendoodle Bella are quickly becoming best friends.  He, of course, is very stubborn but learning simple commands well and potty training is coming along very well.  He has a great personality and is full of energy.  

When he arrived at his new home: Tarzan is now King Louis! 

The vet said he is a very healthy puppy!  He got a perfect bill of health.  I went ahead pre-arranged for the next 11 months of health care and got him on a heart warm prevention treatment.   
He is very happy here!  He is doing great on the house breaking so far and he already knows the sit command!  He is so very sweet and just full of personality!

1 mth later: I hope you are doing well. I wanted to send you a couple update pictures of Tarzan, now King Louis. He is just a fabulous puppy! Very smart, spunky, sweet, playful, and social. He plays so well with other dog of all sizes!

He has already mastered: sit, down and will also give me his paw!

I will send you pictures every now and then to keep you posted on his growth. As you will see in the pictures he is just gorgeous!

6 mths later: I have been meaning to reach out to your and send along some pictures and brag about King Louis!  He is absolutely amazing.  He is gorgeous for starters but he is so much more.  Louis is very smart and well behaved and also spunky, curious and full of energy.  He loves to play and run around and while he plays so well with other dogs and people he is also very attached to his owner!  Over all he is such a well-rounded, lovely, fun-loving and healthy dog.  I have not had any health related issues with Louis he is perfectly healthy.
Louis has far exceed my expectations of a dog and companion.  I pass your information along anytime we run in to people that inquiry about Louis' roots.

Wrigley at a year old. Justin

A few pictures of Gunner ..... Oh my! He is BEAUTIFUL! WE LOVE HIM! He is adjusting with his big brothers and sister. He is the hit of the desert. We will send more. I have only take about 25 today. He arrived looking good and he is such a joy. You just look at him and smile. Thanks again, Dee
(Yes, this is SUPPOSE to be my dog, but since my husband is home all day with him (them), figure the odds.)

Gunner with his big brother.

Gunner is doing well. Huge and all ATTITUDE! He and my husband are inseparable. He loves his big brother and sister. Just starting to sleep on the floor occasionally (like a big boy) instead of the bed. (But he is not quite six mos. old). He probably weighs close to 45 pounds and is growing every day. We spend hours laughing at him-he makes us smile all the time.

  He will be the  GUEST OF HONOR (mascot) at the Marine Corp Ball this year. We will sent pics. Thanks again, Dee

Gunner with his big sister.

Hi Nicole,

I renamed her Elly sorry in the change of name just thought it fit her better, and she just turned 3 months on friday and has just been a big wrinkle ball of fun. I got her potty trianed alot faster then i thought I would, she is very smart but also very stuborn... she plays with our lab and shiba inu very well and thinks she is the big dog of the house, took her to the dog part last weekend and this weekend and she plays with all the big dogs thinking shes the same size as them. Every where we go everybody has to pick her up and play with her and she loves it... she loves to give kisses and play tug a war... she just alittle bit over 14 pounds and the doctor says shes is one of the most heathiest English bulldogs that shes ever seen and see her living a long time. Shes still eating Royal Canin 33 and will switch her the the Royal canin just for English bulldogs when she hits a year old. I prob have over a 1000 photos already, but heres some of the better ones... and if u ever have any get togathers of all the bulldogs please lmk i'd love to bring her up there and see all the bullys.

Thanks again,

Bentley is very friendly and loves everyone.  She never meets a stranger and loves kids.  She loves laying on her stomach on the nice cool tile or the wooden floor.  She also enjoys playing with Lotus our miniture schnauzer.  She likes nap time and snack time with anyone who will do either one with her.  She loves playing in water and is very interested in the bathtub.  She is one of the best dogs ever.

I just wanted to send you some pics of Bentley. She is growing like a weed! At first we thought she was blind or something because she kept running into everything, but then we figured out she just isn't very coordinated and times and is clumsy. HaHa. She still runs into things occasionally. She forgets to stop when she is running full speed. We shouldn't laugh but it's hard not to. Her and our other dog are best of friends. One can't go anywhere without the other and vice versa. Hope you enjoy the pics! We are loving her. Kayla and Josh

Hey Nicole, its patti, i know this is a late response but ive been wanting to send you those pictures of the puppy i bought from you.  My sister has him as a  pet, he is my breeding male, love him so much, hes awsome dog and his name is Spike....heres some pics

Hi Nicole, I bought hailey from you last September. She is doing great and is up to 45lbs. I have many pictures of her that I would be able to send to you. I will attach a few of them here. She is a real character. My parents and I took to her to obedience school and she passed three grades( dog kindergarten, 1st grade and second) without any problems. She really is a smart and loyal dog. She has had some minor skin issues, along with an infection that she got in her eye. She was put on anti-biotics, but that was a while ago. She does break out in a rash on her stomach some days, I think its because one of her favortire places to lay down is in a bush out in front of my house. She would rather be outside then inside, which seems to be odd for a bulldog, especially an English. Thanks for your email, and if you have any other questions let me know. Thanks again. 

here are some of my faves of lou.  the pic titled "lou in boots" is a shot of lou obviously not loving his little snow booties.  needless to say, we didn't get very far with those. 

hi nicole so happy that i decided to get a dog.  louie is incredibly playful, goofy and makes friends wherever he goes.  my friends and family love him as well.
in terms of weight, size, health issues, louie is doing exceptionally well.  he's about 20-21 pounds, so super small, which is just the way i like it.  he has suffered with food allergies in the past, so we have had to change his diet several times to come up with something that will keep him happy and healthy. 




Jasmine is doing great!  I have attached some recent photos of her.  


We love our little guy(well he is actually a brute). My husband hasn't had the chance to be around him long due to deployment, but I tell him everything and send pictures. We did change his name to Sir Axil! Every time he goes with us, he is center of attention! He loves it... I have never seen a bulldog who is so friendly and smart. He is in obedience training right now. The trainer has even said that he has not seen a bulldog have the temperament as Axil or his personality. As of now he is very healthy, I keep him updated on everything he needs. I just continue to hope he stays that way.  I could go on and on about how he is. 

Thank you  Ashley 

I wanted to give you an update on Baxter. He is a delight! People stop me every walk I take him on to ask where I got him, so I hope its okay that I've been passing on your information. He loves people. He loves dogs, and he loves children, so he is the star of our neighborhood! He chews on bully sticks all day long, and actually puts himself to bed at night! Thanks again. I knew I was making the right choice, but am reminded every day how right my choice was. Thanks again!!!

 Sincerely,  Ali 

They are soooo spoiled!  I have 3 now but all 3 are rotten as a 2-week-old apple lol!  They have their own puppy play palace down in my basement spare bedroom and have full run of the yard.  I had the girls fully housebroken but for some reason they decided that they just want to go to the bathroom anywhere now.  We are working on fixing the problem, but it's kinda hard with triplets.  The kids, Lily, Daisy, and Hammar, are all attending obedience school as well.  They are doing fantastic!  Lily is DEFINITELY daddy's girl and Daisy (Orchid) is my little angel.  She falls asleep on my chest almost every night before it is time for me to put them to bed.  Don (my husband) rolls in the floor like he is Lily's own personal chew toy.  Hammar loves attention from whoever wants to give it.  Thank you so much for helping me get them home!  They have truly made my house a home.
Rocky is our little stud muffin and has been more of a joy than we could have imagined.  He is everything we expected and more.  After going away and going to pick him back up from my parents, I knew it was going to be difficult getting him back from my mom, but I never thought my dad would have gotten as attached as he did.  He has the cutest personality and best temperment......he keeps trying to bite the wall which is pretty funny to watch.  We have a pen area for him and he never whines when we have to put him in that or his crate.  We are working on the potty training.  He has had a few accidents (our fault) but stays clean through the night and we're getting use to noticing his signs of when he has to go.  We are waiting for the day he just walks to the back door and waits for us :-)  
I honestly can't think of one bad thing about him, I still can't believe how much we love him.  We'll have to see in a few months, I may be changing my mind if the "bulldog stubborness" really comes out.  We knew from researching that this would be the perfect breed for us but we think Rocky is very special and we are very lucky we found you.  Thank you so much for everything and i'll continue to keep you updated.  
Alexis and Tommy


We have now had Crispy (now Andre) for over a month.  His 4 month bday is coming up fast.  He has been an absolute delight!!  Couldn't have had a better pup.  He is just about fully house trained and learns so fast.  We have him almost leash broken, although he isn't a huge fan of the cold weather.  He does much better when its a little nicer out and loves to explore.  He has been crate trained since the day we got him from you and never a peep or a whine when its time to go into the crate for bed at night.  His temperament is so good!!  Loves to play with his little soccer ball and has a real healthy appetite for food!  We have kept him on the royal canine 33 puppy food and he just gobbles it up.  Although he has his little stubborn moments, he has been a very trainable pup and is extremely smart!!  Thanks for the great puppy we would be happy to recommend you to any friend of ours and we may even need to get him a little sister when hes a little bit older.  Its been a great experience and we really enjoy watching our little guy grow!


Ginji is doing great. I have lots of pictures. I need to gather some up and send them separately. She is very sociable and has lots of kids to play with. No health problems. My boys want another one for her to play with!! I'm thinking about it.

Curtis (below is Ginji)

I am so in love with my little Bella Bu. She has the spunkiest personality and adores everyone. We go on lots of walks and she is famous to all our neighbors! She sits on her butt like a human because, well, she thinks she IS a human. HA HA. She is the best thing that ever happened to me and I fall more in love with her everyday. 

Thanks Whit

Just wanted to give you an update on my sweet little Cream Puff (Coca Boo even though small frie was tempting - she goes nuts anytime someone sneaks french fries in my house! She has changed my life. She has the funniest personality ever! She loves to steal our 1 yr olds binky, is a huge fan of bare toes, and loves her belly rubbed before nap time. 
Potty training gets better everyday although I think she thinks ALL rugs are potty pads so we go outside constantly. She can't stand her collar, but I put it on her a few minutes everyday to get her used to it. 
Thank you so much for our beautiful baby girl. We are soooo grateful for her.


  I just wanted to thank you for brining this new addition into our family. We were set on calling Dexter "Storm" until we met him. By the
time we got back home, our little man was officially named "Porter."
And we just love him! We took him to the vet the next day and were thrilled to hear that he is in perfect health and has great bone structure!
The first week he learned how to go up the stairs and just last night he figured out how to go down them! We did get to hear lots of "screams" in the last couple weeks though as he likes to go up the stairs and would get stranded up there! He has been sleeping well and only had three accidents in the house! Porter went camping with us over Memorial day weekend and we thought he was just the best little puppy, sleeping all the time and always wanting to be held- until we realized he had a fever because he was finishing up his teething. Yeah, now that teething is over, he's a little Spitfire! Talk about stubborn! And wanting to chew on everything!! But, he still loves to crawl up in my lap when he's sleepy. I hope he stays my little lapdog forever!
And he has been such a good friend to our older dog Gema. She has
been needing a friend for almost a year and Porter has stepped up to
fill that roll. It's so hard watching movies at night, or trying to talk on the phone because they are always playing. Gema barks and Porter chortles making the funniest/LOUDEST sounds I've ever heard! It really has been a blessing to have him here and we look forward to years and years of laughter and love from our little handsome guy!
I've attached a couple of photos so you can see how he is fitting in.
Thanks again,


He has been just wonderful ever since we got him. I don't know what more we could ask for in a dog. He is well behaved and fun loving. And, as you can see in the picture of him sitting on the couch (he always sits like that), he still hangs his tongue out of his mouth. From a health standpoint, nothing too 
dramatic. He had a crooked tooth coming in at the time of his neutering so that was pulled out for him. He had a ear infection last winter, but 
we expected some challenges given the maintenence required for his breed.  He has become such a huge part of the familiy and everything he does is adorable.


I hope that you are doing well.  I have attached a few pictures of Zoe (aka Sugar Plum).  She is the sweetest dog that I have ever seen!  She does manage to get in her share of trouble, but she is definitely a cuddler.  She plays well with my other dog and shows my kitten how things work around the house.  She is a pleasure to have around and I could not imagine life without her.  As you can see by some of the photos, I bring her to work with me quite often.  The office staff have made her the mascot. 

Thanks Missy

Emily, whom we named Tia, is doing great. We absolutley adore her. She weighs about 23lbs and is 5 months old. Tia loves to eat shoes, wrestle her brother Rocky, play in her doggy pool, and go for walks. She is the center of attention everywhere we go. People fall in love with her the moment they see her. The vet said she is very healthy. We were skeptic of buying a puppy online, but you made everything so easy and we trusted you the first time we spoke over the phone. Thanks for an amazing dog. We will only purchase english bulldogs from here on out. Thanks for a great experience, and good luck in future litters! :)

Its hard to imagine this cute little man now weighs 26 pounds! Odie is now named Sailor. He is a wonderful addition to my "family". He has a 60 pound sister that he loves to boss around! We now live in San Diego and he loves running at the beach! We go to a french bull dog meetup out here and everyone is always asking me what breeder I got him from!



Day 1 of arrival

  Total made it home safely! He has been exploring his new home and is taking very well to it...he is such a playful pup! We love him already! Thanks a bunch for everything!

Update on Total:
Nicco (once known as Total) is doing wonderful.  He’s in perfect health and getting stronger everyday.  Nicco is extremely loving, rambunctious and always looking to play.  Lincoln road, our local outdoor mall, is where we take him for walks, and not a day goes by where he doesn't get compliments. Nicco also just completed basic puppy training where he was the star of the class. He’s a quick learner but tends to be stubborn at times, but that’s just the nature of the breed.   He’s constantly spoiled and surrounded with all the love he needs.
Thanks for the great dog! George

Wanted to let you know how Georgia is doing. She is an amazing puppy. Of course, everybody thinks she is just too cute for words esp. my husband. She didn't make a peek on our trip to Kentucky. Only at first when I put her in the carrier did she object for a few minutes. Then she was totally calm the rest of the way. I was the most popular person on the airplane. Everyone wanted to hold her. Her potty traing is going well. She is quick learner. All I do is say "go potty" and she complies. My sister has a beagle and Georgia and her wrestle constantly. The beagle is very gentle with her and has never made her yipe. Thank you for the wonderful puppy

Sent at 3 mths of age: Georgia is doing wonderfully. Actually her name is Georgia Peaches. My husband likes peaches but I thought Georgia fit her better and that is what my 13 year old grandson named her. She is beautiful, isn't she? People are always telling me how pretty she is and well behaved. I have been training her to sit and heel.

Thanks Jackie

Hello, our little frenche is perfect. We renamed him oliver, ollie for short. He has made our little boys happy. No health problems.


Sacha our snuggle buddy!


Hi Nicole. Here you'll find a ton of pictures of Ivy (aka Pringles). We couldn't be happier with her! She's the sweetest, most loving, adorable dog ever :) We really are completely obsessed with her. We get comments all the time from strangers about how well behaved and calm she is for her age (and she's probably had her picture taken by random passers-by about a 100 times!) She's had no major health problems so far. Oh, and she can do about 10 tricks! Hope you enjoy the pics!!
Laura & Ashton

After getting to know him we ended up calling him Chunk in honor of the Goonies 25th Anniversary!! And also because he is such a little rebel but so adorable in every way.  He really is like a block with legs - hence Chunk!   He seriously 100% loved by everyone who meets him and is incredibly social!!!  Right away he was thrilled by new people and new dogs.  Everyone stops me on the street to meet him and he loves everyone!!  He plays really really well with other dogs and is fascinated by pretty much everything!  He leaves no leaf, stick or rock unturned!  He's not fabulous at house training but as long as we are there to take him out on a regular schedule, he knows hes supposed to "go" outside. 

He is so incredibly playful it's just hysterical.  He loves his toys and he lovesss playing fetch.  He looks like a little bunny hopping after his toys.  His first toy was a stuffed goose that squeeks and he barely separated from it!! He slept w it and always had it with him!!  So cute!!  He also loves his stuffed whale toy.  He'll carry it in his mouth all day.  He lovesss teething boys and they keep him occupied for about 2hours.  he's also SUCH a cuddle bug.  I can't get over it.  He lovesss to snuggle especially when he needs a nap.  He loves nothing more than to cuddle up right next to me and snooze.  If he plays for 30 minutes hes pretty much ready to sleep for 4 hours!!  Is that how they are their whole lives?! 
He really is wonderful in every way though, I couldn't ask for a better puppy! 

Thanks again! Teddi
Rocky is our little stud muffin and has been more of a joy than we could have imagined.  He is everything we expected and more.  After going away and going to pick him back up from my parents, I knew it was going to be difficult getting him back from my mom, but I never thought my dad would have gotten as attached as he did.  He has the cutest personality and best temperment......he keeps trying to bite the wall which is pretty funny to watch.  We have a pen area for him and he never whines when we have to put him in that or his crate.  We are working on the potty training.  He has had a few accidents (our fault) but stays clean through the night and we're getting use to noticing his signs of when he has to go.  We are waiting for the day he just walks to the back door and waits for us :-)  
I honestly can't think of one bad thing about him, I still can't believe how much we love him.  We'll have to see in a few months, I may be changing my mind if the "bulldog stubborness" really comes out.  We knew from researching that this would be the perfect breed for us but we think Rocky is very special and we are very lucky we found you.  Thank you so much for everything and i'll continue to keep you updated.  
Alexis and Tommy

just a little update on Louie (buddy)... hes 4 mos old and weighs in @ 30.3# now! definately the perfect addition to our family. will keep you updated...


Daisy is doing great! She pretty much potty trained herself in no time
and he is great with our two toddlers! She loves hanging out in the
pool with the kids, and is a great fan of chewing on our kitchen
chairs ;-) We are glad to have her with us! At first, I was a little
bit skeptical of not being able to meet you before buying the pup, but
everything went very smooth and Daisy was and is in great health
(physically and mentally) when we picked her up from the airport! I am
saying mentally, because she is VERY tolerant of the kids. They can
grab toys from her while she has them in her mouth and she tolerates
them screaming and running around her! For our family she really is a
perfect dog! Thanks so much for always being available to talk or
email with us and still responding to our questions. We will keep you
updated as she matures and have included some pictures as well! Talk
to you soon.- Tanya

Here is a pic of our guy over memorial weekend. Love the way he is checking out the fish I caught! He is one smart pup. It only takes us about 30 minutes to sit/work with him one on one when we want to teach him a new (i.e.sit,lay,stay ) hand signal. He catches on so quickly! He LOVES people and is so good when we are out walking or hanging out in the park and other animals are around, he doesn't bark at them or try to instigate anything.  
He LOVES to sit in the drivers lap when we go for rides, however he is now over 32 pounds (yes, only 5 months old) and its getting hard to turn the steering wheel. So we are working on other ways for him to enjoy car rides. Believe it or not he also LOVES to have a bath! I put him in the tub and he stands there just as calm as can be and lets us shampoo him and rinse with no problem! He will even try to get in when our kids take their baths. It is a riot.

We are so happy with him and we get stopped everywhere we go because he is just so ADORABLE! People keep saying his markings are just so uncommon. We are very very impressed with him and so glad we found your website. We tell everyone that if they are serious about getting an English Bulldog or French Bulldog that they need to check out your website or contact you. 

As first time online pet buyers/out of state pet buyers, we are extremely impressed with your knowledge, your care, your service, the way you kept us up to date on his first 8 weeks with pics and emails and your overall concern about him before the transition and after. Bacardi is one amazing bulldog and we thank you.

Thank you
Trina and Tim

Baxter is more than I could have wished for! He is healthy and happy and already weighs 10.4 lbs at 13 weeks! The first time I took him to our new vet. she thought he was so beautiful she asked me if I minded if she, "showed him off to some of the other vet. techs." She then walked him around the office and I listened to the other employees coo over my little Baxter. When we went back for our 12 week shots 4 or 5 different vet techs came into the exam room to ooh and ahh over how beautiful he is, and multiple employees comented on how outgoing and well behaved he was for his age. He already knows how to sit, stay, laydown, and he is completely trained on the potty pads. I looked for a French Bulldog puppy for almost a year, and am so happy I found you, Nicole. Baxter is healthy, happy, smart, and has the perfect Frenchie ears and bully body. THANK YOU!!! Ali

Cash is home and safe and getting use to his new home - he is sure an ankle bitter!!  He LOVES feet and hands! My boys have to sit on their knees so he doesnt get their feet, it is so funny!  So we are working on him not bitting feet right now, I had to explain the the kids he's a baby and they like to matter WHO or what it is..hahaha...
He is a complete JOY - adorable and everything we wanted!  Our Boxer, Sam, drooled all over him the first few hours he was home.  Sam is letting him know who is boss, but it doesnt seem to bother Cash at all.
I have attached a few pictures :-)  Enjoy and feel free to share them.

I can not even begin to thank YOU and Spring Valley Bulldogs enough for the amazing job and gift you have given Nick and I.  I also can not even begin to describe the “love at first sight” when the little one came home to Maine…it was a long flight to say the least, but he finally arrived. 

Bob’s (new rename- actual full name: Mr. Sir Bob Maximus Turcotte-Holt) first flight got delayed due to mechanical issues, so they put him on a different one to Detroit.  After calling KS airport and Detorit to see/trach him, they both told me he made his connection.  We arrived at our airport on time and no…dog.  He never made his connection, I was a mess.

Finally, after 4 more long hours…we had our bully…I mean, baby!

And Nicole, he is the best thing that has ever happened to me or should I say, us.You are amazing and I owe you so much.

I have attached some photos of Bob, his first day home…he went to the office with me and I think he is adjusting quite fine…however, he does looked a little stressed in some of the office photos.

If you don’t mind, I have been asked up and down where I got him from and I have given your name as well as the web site to many people…thanks again for my baby!

Sincerely, Erika


Sent at 3 mths of age: We love Cash, he has only been in our family for a little over two weeks but he is so much fun.  Whoever said bull dogs are lazy are CRAZY!  He has sooo much energy and loves to play.  Although a bit stubborn, as I know this breed can be, he is doing well.  He does like to chew so we are still working with him on that and we do crate train him and he seems do be doing okay.  On his 9week check up he was almost 14lbs, cubby little guy!

All three of our boys love him and he and our 80lb boxer play all the time!  They LOVE tug of war and that little 14lb stubborn pup is not afraid of our 80lb boxer, Sam, at all!

We will keep you updated on Cash as he growns - and believe me he will be growing - he eats like a little piggy!


We are still so grateful and so much in love with our boys- Louie and baboo ( Bennett). They are so loved and so cute, and getting so big.  I will send some pics.

We are so greatful to have found you! And I taught Louie to skateboard! I'll send a video!

photos of brewster he is a joy  to my wife and I  he is sleeping with shilo today  love to play with her i dont know if she feels the same but thay are well thanks so much

Shes doing good were getting ready for her 1st birthday next week...shes a smart dog

Yea Oakland and Sarge get along real good, sometimes Oakland fusses at him when he's does bad thing 

He loves his new brother. He is doing well and super spoiled.

I just wanted to let you know that the boys (Hanuman and Tonka) are doing great! They're so funny together....Hanuman is much quieter, and more gentle, where Tonka is, as his name implies, a bit of a 'big' guy...who just bulls his way through everything! He steals Hanu's toys...and teases him relentlessly. They just learned to go all the way up the stairs, and back down...that was hilarious! Every now and then, we'd see a round blob of a puppy go airborn, missing the last 2-3 steps at the bottom! Now, they run to the top, and bounce back back to the top....bounce down! They've enjoyed helping me in the yard (I'm sure you can imagine how HELPFUL they are!!), and are both doing really well with their house-training. (Tonka isn't quite as dependable as I/We love them both sooooo much! ;)
Well, I just wanted to give you a little update....and let yo uknow that all is well......thank you again, for bringing such love and joy into our lives through the boys. :) Blessings Raven

I have Hanuman and Tonka...they're both doing famously!!

He loves this corner next to my shoe boxes. This is where he always goes

I wanted to send you an updated photo of Bruno at 6 mths. He's so happy and playful. My family and I love him!

Bruno loves to sleep with his tongue out

She is doing great. Thought you like to see her with her new family.

I thought I would give you an update on Walter. He is doing VERY good and growing like a weed. He's all potty trained now, I thought it would be a lot tougher but he picked up on it pretty quick. He has been a big hit in our neighborhood/town. We can't go for a walk without being stopped at least twice. As you can see from the pictures Walter LOVES water. He would sit and play with the sprinkler and pool for hours if we would let him. He's not so much of a fan of swimming, he would rather wade in the water at the lake. We just wanted to thank you again, we can't imagine not having Walter. - Joel & Jenny

Hi, just wanted to give you an update on Trouble. Doing awesome! I attached a couple pix. He’s getting to be a big boy. Pretty well potty trained. Loves playing in his swimming pool, got him a little kiddy pool.  Thanks for a great puppy. -Troy & Casie

It's Bernie's momma! Bernie is doing well, he just celebrated his first birthday, I can't believe it.

I have a bunch of pictures for you, of course in almost all of them Bernie is sleeping. He has done quite a bit in his short time with us. He loves the car and also likes the boat ride when we are at our cottage. He has grown so he can jump up the steps instead of being carried. It is amazing to see how much he grows each day. My boyfriend and I are totally in love with him. The first toy I bought him was a little stuffed lion, which he now sleeps with every night. Thank you so much for all of your help. - Ashley

She LOVES water, bugging her older siblings and playing tag with me. She will chase me and then I get to chase her around the counters, couch, coffee table, and bed (usually between 1100 and midnight). She is VERY VOCAL and has no patience if you do not understand what she is barking about. She is soooo social, that when I take her with me anywhere I have to allow for BDFT (Bulldog Delay Factor Time) because it usually takes me and extra hour or two. She thinks everyone (pet or human) is her friend.

I joke … Gunner was the perfect first (child) bulldog, quiet, didn’t bark, hardly snores and quiet. So then comes the 2nd (child) bulldog and she is the absolute opposite end of the spectrum.

She weighs about 41 lbs (will be 8 mos. on the 27th), cutest little face and rear end.  We are getting ready to try the “skateboard thing” because she stands on all fours,  on the arm of the rocker recliner and rocks it! Great balance. (Gunner falls off his feet standing up!! He is a little TOP heavy.)

Well as you can see… she is doing great and loads of fun. 



Just a quick update. Iggy is doing fantastic and sleeping thru most of the night in her kennel next to our labs. She has only had a few accidents and loves to play outside in the early mornings and late evenings. She is fearless and beginning to explore other areas of the house. We are absolutely in love with her and can't thank you enough.- Lee

Iggy sunning on the deck with Boomer. She just came from her vet check and weighs 13 lbs. She has everyone wrapped around her little paw and brings us joy and laughter daily


Here is what I see whenever I have leave or walk out of the front door...Makes me laugh but a little guilty as well :)

This is how Pierre sleeps all the time! He cracks me up. Even in bed, under the covers, he is stretched out fast asleep

I attached a picture of Bodie; he is getting big and is the best!


Just wanted to thank you for the wonderful experience of being a proud owner of a bubbly english bulldog

Here's Otis wanting to get on the couch :)

I was just looking over your website its looking good... Lillie is doing very well and we are expecting a baby in late April... here is a recent picture of Lillie.


I just wanted to drop a line and let you know how our Bruiser aka Zeus was doing. He is almost done with all of his puppy shots and our vet was very pleased with his bone structure. She told us that he was one of the best looking bulldog puppies that she has seen in a while which was great news to hear. He has doubled in size, like you said he is going to be a big boy. Bruiser is such a lover and we enjoy him more and more every day. He is loves our Mastiffs especially Sadie our female. He follows her around non-stop and he loves to play. Oz our male is still working on getting to know Bruiser and realizing I love him just as much. 
Along with Bruiser's great looks we are amazed at how smart he is. He is a very quick learner, already fetches the ball and brings it back and has almost mastered potty training. Like a typically Bulldog he loves to be the center of attention of which I gladly give. Thanks again for meeting me half to pick him up. Bruiser has blessed my family in many ways!

 i hope you and your family are doing well and had a good holiday! Just wanted to send you some updated pictures of nugget. He is getting so big and is such a bundle of joy =]
Love Adam & Jordan

Here is the only picture Buffy would sit still for and that is only because there was a Milk Bone behind the camera lol.

We just wanted to give you an update on our puppy "Hunter" (we renamed him "Snot") as he is getting really big! He is a wonderful addition to our family and we couldn't be happier with him

Francois with his kitty

Francois has been such a blessing to our home lives! Thanks again for our special guy- Shari

We are throughly enjoying our Betty! She has so much personality and fits into our family perfectly. This is a picture of her playing in the mud and feeling pretty proud of the mess she has made. Jenny

My husband Nate and I got a french bulldog from one of your litters about 2 years ago. We named him Frank and are absolutely in love with him. We wanted to send you some recent photos and let you know he is happy and healthy!

Bruce at 26 lbs. We love him....such a stinker.

Our sweet Bruce at 65 lbs. He is the him!



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