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Scroll down for general French bulldog and English bulldog puppy information to help you become familiar with the breed


You're a new bulldog owner. I have included some information on how your English bulldog puppy or French bulldog puppy will prepare for their new home and what you need to do once they are there.

Your bulldog will be bathed prior to shipping; however, we can't guarantee what condition he or she will be after arriving in their travel crate. The day before they go to their new home, your bulldog will receive a bath in tearless puppy shampoo and they will be blow-dried immediately so the puppy won't chill. Your bulldog's nails will also be clipped and their ears will be cleaned before they go to their new home.

We use Royal Canin Medium Starter for puppy food until about 2 months of age and then we switch them to Royal Canin Medium Breed Puppy for the English and Royal Canin Small Puppy for the French.

You should call your vet to schedule an appointment within two days of your puppy’s arrival. The puppy papers you'll receive indicate the vaccinations and dewormers the puppy has already received. The vet visit is necessary to validate your health guarantee.

The health certificate indicates that we are sending a healthy puppy that has been examined by a veterinarian. However, be prepared for your puppy to possibly show signs of stress upon arrival. It is normal for a puppy to react to a change of environment and routine. In addition, some dogs, just like people, do not travel well. All these stress factors may cause the following: motion sickness, diarrhea, loss of appetite, lethargy (tired), and other symptoms.

Have fun and enjoy this new member of you family and if you have any questions please feel free to call us.


Although French bulldogs are considered the healthiest of the bulldog breeds; they still can have health issues. These are some educational links about French Bulldogs

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