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B-day dog
Pictured: Bull Dog Carmella 2nd Birthday

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We welcome any inquiries about bulldogs in general and our puppies in particular.

We are a home based business and are available the majority of the time by phone or email. Our goal is to produce healthy well socialized puppies that will be a perfect fit for their new home. We strive to educate the new owner before their new addition arrives and are always available for questions afterwards.

Thank you for visiting our website and we would love to help you find your dream puppy.

About the breeder:
In 2002, we started raising English Bulldogs and in 2005 expanded to include French Bulldogs. Since that time our knowledge and ability to care for the puppies has expanded expodentially. All of the puppies are treated with love and affection from day 1; every effort is made to ensure puppies receive excellent 24/7 care.

My husband and I own a farm outside of Wamego, KS where we enjoy all the aspects of country living. I love my dogs and look forward to helping you find your next best friend.

B-day dog
Pictured: Owners Nicole and Allen Pultz along with Punken, Buttercup, and Callie


Pictured: Callie

Pictured: Harmony

Pictured: Harmony

Pictured: Punken

Pictured: Punken

Pictured: Buster

Pictured: Buster


Pictured: Harmony and Buster's 1st Birthday

Pictured: Harmony and Buster's Birthday Party

Pictured: Buster and Harmony

Well we are celebrating another birthday at the Pultz house. Carmella turns 2 this week and we are so excited :) Everyone enjoyed putting on their birthday hats and eating a little doggie treat to celebrate Car's big day :) Punken who is 11 has been through this act several times. She is starting to tolerate the hat pretty well. Callie turned 5 this year and her pose is much improved over last year when I couldn't even get her to sit up with the hat on. Carmella has always enjoyed a cute hat on her head so it was not surprising she took a good picture. Buster and Harmony, not quite a year, did as well as expected for their first birthday party. No hats where destroyed during the event :)

Have a good night


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